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(Over) Gientclaw was attack bye a badger!

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(Over) Gientclaw was attack bye a badger! Empty (Over) Gientclaw was attack bye a badger!

Post by Fawnfur on 11/10/2016, 18:14

Fawenfur ran toward the river panting from running the holl wayto the river. Moss moss!"Fawenfur said shuffling arawnd plants and rots frantically. Moss!" Fawenfur said she had finally fawned it! She rushed over to the water giting ready to dip it in the water whin she sall a small maws out of the caoner of her eye slipping hafe way into the water! Wow wow!!" She screamed slide in to the water. Socte climbing up onto the land gasping got air. That was close." Fawenfur muttered to herself as she forst herself up. Autsh! My lage!i must have banged it on one of those rocks." Fawenfur matured standing up and limping over to the camp

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